Monday, November 19, 2012

I just went to the newest Twilight movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was the best Twilight movie in a lifetime.  Me, Mom, Ceci, Grandma and Aunt Tina we to the Waldorf movie theater.  There was recliner chairs so that you could lay down the whole entire time.  We sat in the second row, but it wasn't that bad!  Before that we went to a new restaurant Cafe Rio.  The table were so cool because they looked sloppily painted.  I had a chicken quesidilla which was so good.   I want to go back again--hint hint Aunt Tina:)  If you haven't seen the new Twilight Movie you NEED to go!!!!!


  1. That was a lot of fun going all together. I loved the company and the movie.

    Great blog Stevie. I look forward to more.

  2. I had a great time also Stevie! Especially sitting by my niece at the movie!!! You've got a good start to your blog!

  3. i would have anew post up but i can't find my saved one -Stevie